Two men were sentenced to death in Ekiti State for murder.

On Monday, the High Court of Ado-Ekiti sentenced two men to death for conspiring and murdering a human skull and illegally taking possession of it.

The convicted individuals, Tosin Oluwafemi (21) and Ogunleye Tajudeen (18), committed the crimes at Ifaki Ekiti on 14 February 2017, where they conspired to assassinate one of Joshua Ojo.

The crime was contrary to, and punishable under, section 516, 316, 319 and section 329(a) of the Criminal Code Cap C16 Laws of Ekiti State 2012.

Justice Oluwatoyin Abodunde, when delivering the judgment, said: “All bad or good acts in life incur repercussions, their actions have serious consequences in the case of the convicted.”

“Thus, the convicted are sentenced to seven years ‘ imprisonment for the crime of treason, and they are sentenced to death for the second count of murder.

“The first and second accused are hereby sentenced by hanging to death and may the Lord have mercy on your souls.” Each of the convicted was sentenced to five years imprisonment for unlawful possession of a human skull.

Each of the defendants was sentenced to five years in prison for unlawful possession of a human skull.

The exhibits tendered included statements by those accused, photographs of one of the defendants with a human head and daily attendance at the Ifaki Ekiti Babysitts and Primary School registration register, which one of the defendants claimed was taking part. Eniola Arogundade, called five witnesses

No witnesses were called by the lawyer for the defendant, Mr. Stanley Okonkwo.

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