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My victory can not be reversed by the supreme court, says Uzodinma

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My victory can not be reversed by the supreme court

The Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma has boasted saying

My victory can not be reversed by the supreme court,

My victory can not be reversed by the supreme court, says by Hope Uzodinma the newly sworn-in Imo State Governor

And he was confident on his boasts after he went to see President Buhari.

On January 14, the apex court had suspended Ihedioha from the PDP on the ground that in the Imo governorship race

He did not score the requisite majority votes.

After adding votes scored by Uzodinma in 388 polling units, the court said it arrived at that decision, which proved he won the race.

Subsequently, it proclaimed him the winner of the election and directed the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to issue him a return certificate as Imo Governor elected.

Nevertheless, Ihedioha has vowed to return to the Supreme Court to pursue a review of the judgment which removed him from office.

Uzodinma on Friday spoke to the newsmen at the State House correspondent after his meeting with President Buhari.

“I am not troubled by the PDP’s decision to seek judicial review. I am not concerned because I believe they are going back to the Supreme Court based on falsehood because the number of accredited voters outside the excluded votes is what they are talking about.

“But, if you are going to court, you must go to court to discuss or talk about the number of accredited votes including the excluded polling units.

“If you compute the number of accredited voters inclusive of the excluded voters, the figures are correct.”

“We went to court with an issue of exclusion; we didn’t go to court complaining about election malpractices, violence and all of that. So, it is a peculiar case.

“My situation may be comparable with that of Jim Nwobodo vs Onoh and Omoboriowo vs Ajasin

“It is the position of the Supreme Court that where an election has been announced at a polling unit”

INEC will collect the results and enter the results in Form EC 8B so Supreme Court Can’t Reverse My Victory

“Election petitions are timed, I’m a lawmaker and I participated in the amendment of the Electoral Act. So, let INEC tell us what happened;

“The 60 days left for Supreme Court to look into that matter has expired, . I’m not a lawyer but with my little knowledge of law-making, I understand what is in the Electoral Act.”

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