Damilola Ogunbiyi has gotten top UN appointment

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has declared the appointment of Damilola Ogunbiyi as its Special Representative for Sustainable Energy for All and UN-Energy Co-Chair.

The announcement was made by Guterres in a report released on Tuesday on the official site of the global organization.

The Board of Directors of the Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), which declared that Ogunbiyi was named the Chief Management Officer (CEO) of SEforALL, also welcomes his announcement.

As the Special Representative, Co-chairman and CEO of SEFORALL, the Nigerian replaces Rachel Kyte of the UK.

Guterres also thanked Kyte for her commitment and dedication to the United Nations, her success in promoting affordable access to energy, and her role in supporting the Paris Agreement’s sustainable energy transition.

The report reads, “Ms Ogunbiyi has extensive experience in leadership and history in support of Sub-Saharan African energy access.

In record “She became the first female to be named as the Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency Managing Director.

“The Nigerian Electrification Program and the Nigerian Electrification Project, with which it quickly builds solar mini-grid systems and deployed solar home systems across Nigeria, are also being successfully negotiated.

“The energy economics initiatives and energy education programs have also been developed to ensure sustainable and cost-effective off-grid energy solutions.

‘ Ms Ogunbiyi had been the first women to be named General Manager of the Lagos State Electricity Board for public illumination, independent power projects and energy development to represent a million residents in the whole of the state before she became part of the Federal Government in Nigeria.

“In advance, she has been consulted on public/private partnerships at the United Kingdom Department for International Development.

” Ogunbiyi has an internationally recognized power network, which includes core ties with key multilateral and bilateral leaders and the private sector, with large, diversified foreign energy development networks.

The declaration says that it is the planet that is entering the final decade in order to achieve the 7th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG7) — access to affordable, secure, sustainable and modern electricity to all by 2030. It is also a participant of the Global Partnership for Ending Energy Poverty.

With its offices in Vienna, Austria, SEforALL is an international organization that works at implementing SDG7 and Paris Accords.

Ogunbiyi ‘ s positions as UN-Energy Co-President and Special Representative of Sustainable Energy for All are still in close contact with the United Nations by way of a current cooperation treaty, collaborations with UN agencies, and co-chairs.

Ogunbiyi also carried her appointment to Twitter handle to share the details.


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