www.jobsforall.ng – The Federal Government of Nigeria online registration of unemployed Nigerians portal is an online datatbase created by the Federal government of Nigeria to capture all required information about every unemployed Nigeria citizen.


The portal – www.jobsforall.ng – is designed to serve as a clearing house, linking job seekers with existing vacancies in the government agencies as well as in the private sector.

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The announcement of this portal was made by the Deputy Director, Information and Public Relations of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Edmund Onwuliri.

He stated that the registration was aimed at collecting updated data of the unemployed Nigerians in compliance with the National Directorate  of Employment’s mandate to obtain and maintain a data bank of unemployment and vacancies in the country.

The online portal – https://www.jobsforall.ng/ would go live on Wednesday, 5th April, 2017.

All unemployed Nigerians are therefore advised to get themselves registered on the portal as it will essentially serve as a meeting point for job seekers and their prospective employers. The initiative would also eliminate the bottlenecks in the recruitment process of employers of skilled labour in the private and public sectors.

The portal facilitates registration of job seekers, Employers, skill providers etc.

The directorate sees this initiative as a bold step toward deepening the effectiveness of its employment creation strategies and a critical input into the process of designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programmes and schemes.

According to Edmund Onwuliri, there will be a practical demonstration of the workings of the portal (www.jobsforall.ng) at the NDE stand at the ongoing 28th edition of the Enugu International Trade on Thursday.

Interested Nigerians are hereby invited to register on the portal. The registration is free as the Federal Government of Nigeria would not place any additional burden on unemployed Nigerians.

Do you have any questions or do you seek any clarification as to the use of the the online portal for unemployed Nigerians – www.jobsforall.ng? Kindly drop a comment in the box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. Suleiman A Suleiman says:

    Yeah, i am preciously appreciate the effort for our FG on how to reduce the uneployment in the country at largely we dont know to shows happy. Just may Allah, guides and support the president, vice and APC members entirely. Longlife and prosperity our president GEN Muhammad Buhari.

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