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Watch Shiloh 2016 – We’re glad to inform you that Living Faith Tabernacle (Winners Chapel) Shiloh 2016 is at hand. There has been a lot of anticipation and expectation as regards Shiloh 2016 especially because of the great works and testimonies that resulted from the the last Shiloh Programme (Shiloh 2015).

Watch Shiloh 2016

The theme for this year’s Shiloh was announced by God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo and the theme for Shiloh 2016 is: “My Case Is Different”.

The programme of events for 2016 Shiloh would start on Thursday 6th December, 2016 and run till Sunday, December 10th, 2016. You can watch Shiloh 2016 online or at any Winners Chapel branch worldwide if you won’t be able to go to Canaanland, Ota.

For those who are not familiar with the Shiloh programme, Shiloh is an annual programme organized by the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) where members (in Nigeria and abroad) gather to worship God and seek his face at the Shiloh ground, Canaan land, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Bishop David Oyedepo and other anointed men of God preach the word; make prophetic declarations and diverse ministrations and God moves in mysterious ways. Indeed Shiloh is a programme for everyone whether or not you are a member of Winners Chapel; you can partake in this programme and be sure to have your own testimonies.

In declaring the prophetic theme for Shiloh 2016, here is what the man of God, Bishop David O. Oyedepo had to say:

‘From Glory to Glory’ greetings in Jesus’ name.

Today all over the world, we see the end-time prophecy of woes, terrors and horrors being fulfilled before our very eyes. Jesus speaking of these times said, “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things, must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” – Matt. 24:6-8

But God has ordained to exempt His people from the evils of this hour – 1 Pet. 2:9/ Ps 91:1-16

These prophecies notwithstanding, we discover from scriptures that:

  • The last days, are prophetically the greatest days of the church of Christ on earth – Mic. 4:1-2/ Ps 87:1-9
  • God will be raising an army of saints that will make a difference in the midst of these horror – Joel 2:1-11/ Obd. 1:21
  • The present economic meltdown shall continue to grow worse, but God’s covenant people shall not feel the heat thereof – Mal. 4:1-4/ Ps 112:1-10
  • But for every one who is walking in the covenant of abundance, when men shall say there is casting down, we shall be saying there is lifting up – Job. 22:21-29/ Ps 33:18-19/ Ps 37:18-19
  • In these last days, God will be putting a difference between those who are serving Him and those who are not – Mal. 3:17-19/ Job 36:11/ Gen. 47:15-27

Furthermore, we understand from scriptures how God exempted the children of Israel from the plagues that came upon Egypt, which includes exemption from:

  • Swarm of flies, which connotes decadence and stench – 8:20-24
  • Death of cattle, which represents collapse of businesses and careers – Exo. 9:1-7
  • Destruction by hails and tempest, which connotes devastation and destruction – Exo. 9:18-26
  • Gross darkness, which connotes confusion, stagnation and frustration – Exo. 10:21-23
  • The scourge of death in every Egyptian home – Exo. 11:4-7/ Exo. 12:29-31

But thank God, our exemption from the evils of the day has been established by redemption – 1 Pet. 2:9

Therefore, the same way God exempted the children of Israel from the plagues that came upon Egypt, God shall be separating the redeemed from all the evils of these last days.

At Shiloh 2016, which is the 18th Shiloh, God shall be setting a seal of exemption upon the fore-heads of all His people and that will not allow the destroyer to come near our habitation – Ezk. 9:6/ Ps 105:13-15

Therefore, the theme of Shiloh 2016 is:

MY CASE IS DIFFERENT – Gen. 47:15-27

It shall be a highly prophetic event. Every participant shall return with his/her own inheritance and the land shall be further subdued before us – Jos. 18:1-3

It shall be a mountain of encounters indeed, in the name of Jesus Christ!

We must begin to get ourselves set in order to make the most of this mountain of life.

I shall be looking forward to seeing everyone of you at Shiloh either on ground here in Canaanland or in all our viewing centers around the world.

Remain ever blessed

Jesus is Lord!

David O. Oyedepo

Watch Shiloh 2016: Venue

The venue for Shiloh 2016 is Canaan Land Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria and everyone across the world can be a partaker of this wonderful event either by being physically present at the venue or by going to any of the Living Faith Church branches all over the world as there would be a live on telecast of the event so that you can watch Shiloh 2016 wherever you are.

If for any reason there you cannot come physically to Canaan Land, Ota and you are also not close to any Living Faith Chapel, you can still watch Shiloh 2016 via live streaming online.

I’ll update you in due course with the link with which you can watch Shiloh 2016 live broadcast online.

Watch Shiloh 2016: Date

Shiloh 2016 will start on Thursday 6th December, 2016 and run till Sunday, December 10th, 2016. Save the date, be a part of this programme and see if you too won’t have your own testimonies.

Watch Shiloh 2016: Programme Highlights

This is a rundown of how the Shiloh event this year would be. All interested persons should please take care of the following as it would help you plan yourself towards the Shiloh 2016 programme:

Shiloh 2016 Morning Session – Bible Study:

The morning session which starts at 7am is a bible study where the word of God is taught and explained for better understanding. The Bible Study begins by 7am and elapses by 11am. It would contain 3 series of Bible teachings.

Shiloh 2016 Afternoon Session – Healing School:

The healing school session of the Shiloh 2016 would start everyday throughout the programme by 11:30am and run through to 1:30pm.

This session start off immediately after the morning Bible Study session in Canaan land. The healing school session is an opportunity for the for sick to gain their healing. Do you have sicknesses, ailments or diseases? Has your doctors and consultants told you that there is no solution to your case?

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Then this Shiloh 2016 healing school session is for you. You do not have any reason to miss this session as God would move mightily to heal the sick and perform all kinds of miracles. The testimonies from this session are enormous, and it is my heart desire that you too would have a testimony this year. Amen!

Shiloh 2016 Business Summit

Are you a businessman or woman? Have you been struggling in your business? Have you always wished and prayed for a financial breakthrough in your area of business? If yes, then this session is for you.

The time schedule for the business summit is 11.30am to 1.30pm daily. Businessmen and women looking to make financial means through the right way should be a part of the Shiloh 2016 business summit session as this year’s programme is expected to bring more favours.

Shiloh 2016 Youth Alive Forum

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them” – Ecclesiastes 12:1

If you areup to the age of 18 and above, then this session is for you. The Shiloh 2016 youth alive forum session starts from 3pm to 5pm daily.

Bishop Oyedepo and other seasoned and anointed men of God will address issues that concern the youths and everyday living. There will have discussions love and relationships, dating, courting, preparation for marriage, godliness, prevention/use of drugs, smoking etc.

Shiloh 2016 Evening Session – Teachings

The evening session starts by 7pm and runs till 10pm. And God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo will be ministering all through.

It is very important that you don’t miss this session. Those who are not able to make it to Canaan Land physically can watch Shiloh 2016 via live telecast at any Winners Chapel branch worldwide or via this link:

It promises to be a power-packed session that nobody would want to miss out from. The presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo will do the teaching himself and lives would be transformed for good.

Watch Shiloh 2016: Live Broadcast, Telecast Streaming

You can watch Shiloh 2016 live streaming as it will be broadcasted live by visiting the link below:

David Oyedepo Ministries International –

Watch Shiloh 2016: History of the Shiloh theme

The 2016 Shiloh would be the 18th Shiloh to hold, and these past 17 years, God has done a lot of wonderful works through this annual event tagged ‘Shiloh’.

Here is a recap of the past Shiloh Themes from the onset up to date:

1999: Encounter With Destiny

2000: Heaven On Earth

2001: From Glory To Glory

2002: What Wisdom Is This?

2003: All Things Are Possible

2004: Showers Blessings

2005: Possessing Your Possessions

2006: Destined To Win

2007: More Than Conquerous

2008: Manifestation Of The Sons Of God

2009: Hour Of Restoration

2010: Breakthroughs Unlimited

2011: Waves Of Glory

2012: Double Portion

2013: Exceeding Grace

2014: Heaven On Earth

2015: From Glory To Glory

2016: My Case Is Different

Shiloh 2016 News updates – Watch Shiloh 2016 Live Streaming

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Keep a date with the Lord, don’t forget the programme commences on Tuesday 6th December, 2016 and continues up till Sunday 10th December, 2016. Even if you cannot make it physically to the event, you can watch shiloh 2016 from the comfort of your home by using the links provided in this article.

Remain Blessed!

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