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WAEC Result 2016 – About four weeks ago, the West African Examination Council released the candidate results for 2016 May/June WASSCE. Many people have been able to check their results successfully and now they know their fate but a few others have continued to check, the only difference being that they are met with some kind of grammar so to say from the WAEC Result Checker Portal.

WAEC Result 2016

Whatever response you must have gotten from the WAEC Result Checker Portal, we have decided to briefly explain the terms as used by WAEC to help those experiencing one issue or the other better understand their situation and at least estimate the possibility to which they may likely have their results released.

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What does it mean to have a Withheld WAEC result?  What does it mean to have a Held WAEC Result? What does it mean to have ‘Outstanding’ in some subjects in WAEC result? What does it mean when the WAEC Result Checker Portal responds with ‘No Result For This Candidate in the specified year‘?

These are few of the questions candidates have been asking us on a daily basis. Some students in the course of checking their results must have seen one or more of the tags as mentioned above.

Here’s a brief explanation/definition of the possible cause and the likely possibility of having your results released:

WAEC Result 2016: Meaning Of Withheld WAEC Result

When almost all the candidates in an exam center appear to have scored the same grades in the subjects written, WAEC automatically suspects that center as a special center for malpractices and other forms of examination misconduct.

In such a case, WAEC would have to withhold the candidates result while it carries out further investigation into such a center and the activities that must have gone on there, to ascertain whether or not there were any form of malpractices and examination misconduct in the center.

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The results of candidates in that center would be subjected to a scrutiny test. Any result that passes the scrutiny test would be released, but any result found culpable of any form of malpractice sadly may never be released.

However for the 2016 May/June WAEC Result, some state results for candidates in government schools were withheld due to the fact that their state was indebted to the examination body, WAEC.

For those who had their results withheld due to their state’s indebtedness to WAEC, Mr. Charles Eguridu, The Head of Nigeria National Office, WAEC disclosed that their results would be released if they are not guilty of any examination misconducts.

WAEC Result 2016: Meaning Of Held WAEC Result

Is there really any difference between ‘withheld’ and ‘held’? Grammatically, they may seem to mean the same thing but in this case, a result would be held if there is a remark as has to do with malpractice or other examination offences written on the candidate’s answer booklet.

Some examination offences include:

  • Candidates bringing books or cribs into the examination hall
  • bringing of foreign (unwanted) materials into the examination hall
  • Swapping of scripts in an examination hall
  • Insulting or assaulting any examination official
  • Replacing answer scripts with another one during or after the examination
  • Taking part in mass or organized cheating in the exam hall
  • Impersonation
  • All other acts that contravene the rules governing the conduct of the examination, etc.

WAEC Result 2016: Meaning Of Outstanding In WAEC Result

A student may have an ‘Outstanding’ in a particular subject written mostly because they are recorded as present for the examination but the score on that subject is not concluded, maybe due to an extra answer sheet that was not properly attached or some other reason such as improper filling of examination number and other personal details.

WAEC Result 2016: Meaning of ‘No Result For This Candidate In The Specified Year’

This is a common case for candidates who registered for WAEC in special centres.

Some special centres/schools are highly notorious and have been marked by the examination body for malpractice. When such a case is reported to the examination council, , the entire result for such a centre is cancelled while further investigations are carried out.

You should also ensure that you fill in all your details correctly when checking your WAEC result. There is a difference between I and 1, between 0 and O but candidates atimes could be carefree and not notice the difference, hence entering the wrong details when checking their WAEC results hence the response – No Result For This Candidate in The Specified Year.

Having explained all of that, if you’re sure that you are not guilty of any of the above mentioned, and you are still seeing any of these tags, you should just exercise some patience and check your result again after a couple of weeks as there is a high probability that it will be released.

WAEC Result 2016: How To Check 2016 May/June WAEC Result

To Check Your May/June 2016 WAEC Result, follow these few steps as highlighted below:

  • Visit the WAEC Result Checking Portal on
  • Enter your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number. (This is your 7-Digit center number followed by your 3-digit candidate number e.g. 1423564789)
  • Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year e.g. 2016
  • Select the Examination type e.g. May/June WASSCE
  • Enter the Card Serial Number found on the back side of your Scratch card
  • Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card
  • Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up

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  1. Esther says:

    Pls waec release my result I did not do anything wrong nd am using for my admission dis year.waec pls God bless u. Tanx

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