1. Bright says:

    Thank u 4 d update,but i am upset now b/c i can’t login into my account.I have tried severally but it keep on writing invalid username and password while i am entering the correct one.Pls Rapheal educate me on how to change my username and password.

  2. Bright says:

    Thanks 4 ur update.But Rapheal i am totally upset now b/c i can’t login to my account.I have tried severaly but it keep on showing invalid username and password while i am entering d correct one.Pls Rapheal,educate me on how to change username and password.Thanks.

  3. Derek Mickle says:

    Good morning, it is has been confirmed that ULTIMATE CYCLE is under upgrade, i agree with that. We have been waiting, getting to 2 weeks plus now. When will the site come up fully because people are tired of waiting and rumors have it that it has crashed. Please the upgrade should not get to the festive periods………..I rest my case

  4. Simmy says:

    Hi, please I registered for UC last month. I already referred someone but no one has been matched to pay me. what do I do? Please reply

  5. temmy says:

    good morning,please i registerd yesterday on cycler and they sent me my affiliate link,only to click on it it was displaying problem loading page,invalid username.please what can i do.i had writen to them throgh their help desk but no response.

  6. Gift Allen says:

    I can’t register someone under me. I am told invalid user name when I want to register but I can login with the same user name

  7. babatunde solomon ajayi says:

    Hello Admin,I can’t logging to my username: solomon68 on ultimatecycler.com pls what can I do now??????

  8. ijeoma nmah says:

    i ve not been paid for a month and half after regisdgistration and i was march imediatly and i ve paid no payment ve been made to me and am made pls i need my money back .mmm ve never done this to me

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Ijeoma,

      This isn’t MMM, it’s Ultimate Cycler.

      Do you even know how the system works? I doubt.

      You should read this article:

      Have a nice day Ijeoma.

  9. ariyibi taiwo says:

    I am totally upset I can’t login to my account du
    e to invalid login password and have done all d necessary things I suppose to do. dey were sending OTP password wat does that mean pls help me out. thanks

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Taiwo,

      OTP means ‘One Time Password’, it enables you to login once after which you are expected to change it to your desired password.

      You can get more help by contacting the Ultimate Cycler Helpdesk:

      Have a nice day Taiwo.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Margaret,

      The problem is that you do not understand the system and still will not make any effort to understand the system, hence the reason why you have not been paid.

      I can bet you didn’t even read through this article before you made your comment whereas all you need know is contained in the article.

      Have a nice day!

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