Information reaching us indicates that the final assessment for all job-seeking Nigerians who applied online for the Federal Government’s N-Power Initiative Recruitment Programme for unemployed graduates/non-graduates will commence today.

NPower Recruitment Test Schedule

The Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity, Office of the Vice President issued a statement saying that the NPower Recruitment Test in the various categories of the N-Power programme will commence on 20th September, 2016 and end on 18th October, 2016.

Update: NPower Recruitment Shortlist, 200,000 Applicants Shortlisted: Check Your Name Here

The Federal government of Nigeria began the N-Power initiative with the aim of creating jobs and empowering the unemployed Nigerian Youths.

The N-Power initiative would provide employment for up to 500,000 Nigerian youths (Graduates/Non-Graduates). It was strategically designed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to drastically reduce youth unemployment and provide jobs through entrepreneurship and innovation

According to Mr. Akande, candidates will first of all take a program specific test/assessment before the final selection is done.

Under this phase of assessment, applicants are to log in and fill in their phone numbers and surnames as contained in their original application, using their personal profile (which has been opened for every applicant).

In addition, all candidates will be notified by SMS of their assessment the day before. All assessments will include some personal questions and other questions testing basic knowledge of English, General Knowledge and Quantitative Reasoning.

Applicants will also be tested on other programme-specific questions depending on the programme they applied for.

Applicants can take their tests on a smart-phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer provided that the devices have internet connection.

At the end of the on-going assessment/test exercise, 500,000 job seekers would be picked for the two-year volunteer positions available in the Npower programme.

According to the statement released, N-Power applicants can only gain access to their profile for assessment on the N-Power portal as represented in the schedule which breaks down applicants in batches by the first letter in their surnames.

If you try to log in on a date that is not for the programme you applied for and your surname, you will not be able to take the Npower recruitment test.

NPower Recruitment Test Schedule

The NPower Recruitment Test Schedule for applicants are as follows:

  • N-Power Teach: September 20th – September 28th, 2016
  • N-Power Agro: September 29th – October 1st , 2016
  • N-Power Health: October 2nd – October 3rd, 2016
  • N-Power Community Education: October 4th – October 6th, 2016
  • N-Power Creative: October 7th – October 9th, 2016
  • N-Power Tech (Software): October 10th – October 12th, 2016
  • N-Power Tech (Hardware): October 13th – October 14th, 2016
  • N-Power Build: October 15th – October 18th, 2016

Based on the NPower Recruitment Test Schedule, applicants for the N-Power Teach Programme that have their surnames falling starting with letter V-Z will be first in line to take the assessment test, on Tuesday September 20th, 2016.

NPower Recruitment Test Schedule: Test Date According To Surname

Candidates would be notified by SMS about the day of their NPower Recruitment Test Schedule, however it is very important that you check the Npower recruitment schedule below and know the date for your Npower Recruitment Test in case you do not receive the SMS.

According to the first letter of surnames, the assessments will be held as follows:

N-Power Teach

  • 20th September 2016: V, W, X, Y, Z
  • 21st September 2016: P, Q, R, T, U
  • 22nd September 2016: Aa – Al
  • 23rd September 2016: Am – Az, B
  • 24th September 2016: O
  • 25th September 2016: M, N
  • 26th September 2016: F, G, H, I
  • 27th September 2016: C, D, E
  • 28th September 2016: J, K, L, S

N-Power Agro

  • 29th September 2016: A, B, C, D, F, G
  • 30th September 2016: E, H, I, J, K, L, M, N
  • 1st October 2016: O – Z

N-Power Health

  • 2nd October 2016: A – I
  • 3rd October 2016: J – Z

N-Power Community Education

  • 4th October 2016: A – G
  • 5th October 2016: H – N, P – T
  • 6th October 2016: O, U, Z

N-Power Creative

  • 7th October 2016: A – E
  • 8th October 2016: F – N
  • 9th October 2016: O – Z

N-Power Tech (Software)

  • 10th October 2016: A – H
  • 11th October 2016: I – R
  • 12th October 2016: S – Z

N-Power Tech (Hardware)

  • 13th October 2016: A – J
  • 14th October 2016: K – Z

N-Power Build

  • 15th October 2016: A – B
  • 16th October 2016: C – I
  • 17th October 2016: J – S
  • 18th October 2016: T – Z

How To Take The Npower Recruitment Assessment Test:

You can take the test using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer so long as you have internet access.

The NPower Recruitment test would be based on basic knowledge of English, General Knowledge and Quantitative Reasoning.

Failure to take the test on the date specified for your programme and surname would amount to automatic disqualification from the NPower recruitment shortlisted candidates.

Ensure you share this post on your social media platforms, as you’ll be helping someone by so doing.

If you’re having any difficulties, questions or concerns about the NPower Recruitment Test Schedule kindly drop a message in the box below.

If you’re not sure of the date of your test, you can also drop a comment in the box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


NPower Recruitment Test Schedule


The long awaited NPower Recruitment Shortlist has been released and 200,000 applicants have been shortlisted already and indeed we’re so happy to bring that to your notice.

In an announcement made on Sunday by the media aide to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Mr Laolu Akande, two hundred thousand (200,000) graduates have been employed into the N-Power programme and their names can be found on the NPower Recruitment Shortlist and are expected to start work on 1st December, 2016.

Click Here To Check If You Have Been Shortlisted

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    • Raphael says:

      Hello Bunu,

      Regardless of whether you get an acknowledgement letter or not, if you receive an SMS from the N-Power Recruitment Team, proceed to take your test on the N-Power Recruitment Assessment Portal.

      But if you don’t get an SMS from the N-Power Recruitment Team, there is nothing you can do about it as you’re login attempt would not be successful.

      Have a nice day Bunu.

  1. Susan says:

    can’t log in for the test. it kept saying invalid, but I got a text message from npower stating my test for 21/9/16, but my surname Begins with O. please help, what do I do

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Susan,

      You registered for the N-Power Teach programme, right?

      Since you received an SMS i’m still wondering why you’re unable to login.

      Here are some things you have to check:

      – Make sure the phone number you’re using to log in is the same as the one you used in registering and enter the phone number in this format 07032710711 and not +2347032710711

      – Make sure the name you’re using to login is your SURNAME and is the same as you used while registering, also ensure you enter it using small letters and not capital letters.

      If you have checked all this and the problem still persists, call the N-Power Recruitment Team on 08104000042, 07013000448, 08180000832, 08155000502.

      Have a nice day Susan.


    • Raphael says:

      Hello Susan,

      Did you say you’re Surname Begins with ‘O’? This is what we have for 21st September 2016: P, Q, R, T, U

      The test date for Letter ‘O’ Surnames in the N-Power Programme is 24th September 2016.

      What is your name in full (First Name, Middle Name and Surname)?

      Are you sure you did not interchange any of this names in the course of registration?

      Hoping to hear from you soon.

  2. Uduak says:

    good morning , pls I registered with the npower teach but I didnt got a confirmation message. I had to register again with npower creative so pls which of the program will I write the screening test?

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Uduak,

      Did you get a confirmation message for the N-Power Creative?

      In whatever case, you’ll receive an SMS before the test date, only those that receive the SMS would be able to write the test.

      Have a nice day Uduak.

      Hope for the best.


    I got the N-Power message about the online test. I try to log in since morning but their website couldn’t give me access to write my own test.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Friday,

      What exactly do you mean by their website couldn’t give me access to write my own test?

      Is it that the website didn’t open at your end or that you were not able to login?

      Hoping to get your response soon.

      Have a nice day Friday.

  4. augustine matthew says:

    my surname begins wit Au, and i applied for the N.Power teach. i am supposed to tek d txt on d 23, bt i’ve not receive any msg to dat effect even though i received acknowledgement letter.

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Please help, i registered for Npower teach but have lost myc phone and sim card i used in registering some days back now of wish i have tried in retrieving my SIM but was told that i can’t retrieved it back. What can i do to that effect knowing i wouldn’t be receiving any sms from Npower ? Please do reply. emmanuelowhuegbe@gmail

  6. Funmilayo says:

    I received a text that my test will b uploaded today but am unable to log in. It says invalid login. My surname Start’s with F

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Funmilayo,

      Ensure you are entering your phone number in the correct format and ensure the phone number you are entering is the same as the phone number you used in registration.

      Also make sure you type your surname in small letters and not capital letters.

      If the error still persists, contact the N-Power Recruitment Team on 08104000042, 07013000448, 08180000832, 08155000502.

      Have a nice day Funmi.


    • Raphael says:

      Hello Comfort,

      You obviously did not read through the schedule, because if you did you would know that only those that have received an SMS are supposed to login and take the test and the date for the N-Power Teach Assessment for people whose surnames start with ‘S’ is 28th September.

      Have a nice day Comfort.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Nasiru,

      Regardless of whether you received an acknowledgement letter or not, if you get an SMS from the recruitment team then you are qualified to take the test.

      Have a nice day Nasiru.

  7. tosin says:

    A mug was sent to me on Monday that my test is on Tuesday but I was unable to log in, but I log in today and I was able to the test, I want to know if I am disqualified because my surname start with letter o

    • tosin says:

      A msg was sent to me on Monday that my test is on Tuesday but I was unable to log in, but I log in today and I was able to the test, I want to know if I am disqualified because my surname start with letter o

      • Raphael says:

        Hello Tosin,

        I’m glad you were able to take the test. Indeed the test date for N-Power teach for people whose surnames start with ‘O’ is 24th September, so i do not see any reason why you should be disqualified.

        Have a nice day Tosin.


  8. Abel says:

    My test date is on the 24th because my surname starts with o, but I have not received any sms and it’s already 5:pm, what can I do? To make matters worse the dedicated numbers are not responding thanks.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Abel,

      There’s little or nothing you can do about that as only those who received an SMS from the recruitment team would be able to login successfully.

      Have a nice day Abel.

  9. yemi says:

    A msg was sent to me dat I will be writing my test on Tuesday, but I was unable to log in stating invalid login, meanwhile my surname starts from o, unknowingly to me, npower has change my surname to letter y using my last name, but I was able to login today using letter y and I was able to do the tests successfully, am I disqualify?

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Yemi,

      N-Power would not change your surname. I guess you were not careful while registering and that’s where you must have mixed up the names.

      Well, i’m glad you were able to login and take the test.

      it is not in my place to tell whether or not you have been disqualified, keep hoping for the best.

      Have a nice day Yemi.

  10. Rita. O says:

    …i apply 4 n-power , i was sent acknowledgmt letter n also sent a message dat d program was extended can i take d test without receiving an sms , also my surname start wit O. Pls help me. .

  11. Owoseni Olayinka can't says:

    Hello good morning, please today is my test according to the schedule,but have not receive SMS to qualified me to log in and access the test. Please what can I do to that or what help CSB you render for me? please.

  12. ceobulksms says:

    I have taken the test and was about to submit the test but the internet connection fuck up… When I logged into my portal, it said FINISHED SUBMITTED. Hope I have not missed it?

    • Raphael says:


      Are you now blaming it on the internet connection?

      Knowing how important this is/was to you, should should have used a more reliable internet connection.

      Anyways, i can;t tell your fate.

      Hope for the best.

      Have a nice day.

  13. Umar Mohammed says:

    Hello I did’nt received an sms test schedule and my surname start with m but still invalid log in so I don’t know the actual problem and also I don’t know the actual program where my name is.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Umar,

      You don’t know the actual programme where your name is or you don’t know the actual programme you registered for?

      Anyways, there’s no how you can take the test if you don’t receive an SMS from the recruitment team.

      Have a nice day Umar.

  14. Ologun Temitope Michael says:

    I received sms for the npower teaching test on 25th September, 2016 at exactly 10:54 pm and I try everything possible to log in and do my test immediately but I could not get access into the site. I later found out the test should have taken place on 24th September,2016 because my surname started with O but I received SMS alert on 25 instead of a day before my test. Pls what can I do?

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Michael,

      Sorry about your situation.

      The problem some candidates have is that they were careless in the registration process and filled their first names or middle names where their surname was supposed to be.

      This might not have been too different from your case Michael as letter ‘M’ had their test on the 25th.

      However, this might also not be the exact case. I advice that you keep trying as some people have been lucky enough to write the test even after their scheduled date.

      You can also call the N-Power hotlines on: 08104000042, 07013000448, 08180000832, 08155000502

      Have a nice day Michael.

  15. Kpoghol james terseer says:

    Hello admin.I got an sms that my test opens on 27th sept by 12:01pm.However i was among those with J,K,L Surnames scheduled on 28th sept.i started immediately in an attempt to writing the test but to no avail due to gross network challenges which was from the portal as i read their opologies times without number! I was stunned this evening of 28th sept when i got through and they me i did and submitted the test @ 7:02pm!! I need your help on this..

    • Raphael says:

      Hello James,

      Sorry about your situation.

      Go to the N-Power portal, you’ll see some contact numbers and email there, use them to make your complaint known.

      Have a nice day James.

  16. Nwaka says:

    My surname started with N d test was taken on 25th which was on a sunday bt I received text on 27th Sept. Even when I tried to login with my other name that began with c on that 27th it was stil invalid.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Nwaka,

      N-Power would not send you an SMS on the wrong date, you must have mixed up your names in the registration process.

      I cannot tell why you were unable to login on the said date, have you tried to login again since after then?

      You can visit the N-Power portal and use the contact phone numbers and e-mail address to make your complaint known.

      Have a nice day Nwaka.

  17. ismaila says:

    I received acknowledgement letter but I did not received SMS and surname start with l and today is scheduled for my test .what can I do.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Ismaila,

      The test is meant for only those who received an SMS. Since you didn’t receive any, there’s no how you can login successfully.

      Have a nice day Ismaila.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Jamiu,

      Your scheduled date is past already. There’s little or no help i can offer.

      You can still try and login, you might just be lucky.

      Have a nice day Jamiu.

  18. chidobu adanma says:

    Hello good morning .I applied for the npower programme and got an acknowledgement surname starts with C ,I am supposed to write my test today but can’t login also I haven’t gotten an SMS as regards writing the test.please help!

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Adanma,

      The test is meant for only those who received an SMS. Since you didn’t receive any, there’s no how you can login successfully.

      Have a nice day Adanma.

  19. olarewaju muyiwa joseph says:

    olarewaju muyiwa joseph, i apply for npower creative but i did not recieve an acknowledgement letter why?

    • Raphael says:

      Hello James,

      What’s your Surname and what programme did you apply for?

      I can help you determine the date of your test with that information.

      But please note that only those who receive an SMS from the recruitment team will be able to login successfully.

      Have a nice day James.

  20. Haruna Yahaya says:

    Please sir I need your help;I took the first part of test but when I went for my professional test it wasn’t active. I applied for creative and for my professional I selected post production assessment;I don’t know if the problem was from there.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Haruna,

      You should contact the Npower Recruitment Team with these numbers: 08104000042, 07013000448, 08180000832, 08155000502.

      Have a nice day Haruna.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Iheanacho,

      The problem you experienced might not be unconnected to network issues.

      However, here are the N-Power hotlines, you can make your complaint official: 08104000042, 07013000448, 08180000832, 08155000502.

      Have a nice day Iheanacho.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Eka,

      Did you receive an SMS from the recruitment team?

      If you didn’t, there’s no way you’ll be able to login successfully.

      Have a nice day Eka.

  21. Maris says:

    i didn’t get a text nor any msg from NPOWER but i just decided to login using my phone number and surname and it logged in and i took my test. is there any problem with that?

  22. Calista says:

    I got the information about the test on Monday 24/10/16, and the date for my test has promised to remind me of the date.

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Calista,

      When and where did i promise to remind you of the date?

      I put the schedule out there so everyone can check it and take note of their respective dates.

      Better luck next time! The N-Power test has already ended.

      Have a nice day Calista.

  23. Aliyu Haruna Waksha says:

    hello sir i was apply for N power on july 15 and i recieve your respone but you didnot alerting me for the test why?

  24. Lovelyn says:

    I was trying on date of my test which is 20th sept for nteach but i couldnt. it showed invalid but luckiy i log in on 7th oct and write it. am i qualified?

  25. Ruth says:

    Pls I don’t know if this link is still valid
    I applied for N power ,I got acknowledgement letter but No msg for d test and I still saw my name on d list,I even got an SMS to come for verification which I did but couldn’t login to update my information but is my faith??

  26. Emmanuel Ugwu says:

    My name is Emmanuel Ugwu i applied for npower teach, and i have not received e a text concerning my test. Can i login to take my test.

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