Have you ever wondered how to go about a Malaysia Visa Application In Nigeria? We’ve put together all the information you need to know about a Malaysia Visa Application In Nigeria 2017.

 Malaysia Visa Application In Nigeria 2017

Briefly let’s talk about Malaysia.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It’s known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such as Bukit Bintang and skyscrapers such as the iconic, 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers.

The Currency in Malaysia is known as Malaysian ringgit while the official language is known as Malaysian.

Malaysia visa is obtainable if you follow the right steps. You can apply on your own or you can hire a travel agent to guide your properly. However, you have to be physically present to undergo the interview process; after the agent has helped you book an appointment.

Malaysia Visa Application In Nigerian 2017 – Types Of Applications

Here are the two types of Malaysia Visa Application In Nigeria 2017 that are available. They are:

  1. The Malaysia Visa Application Reference Requirements
  2. Malaysia Visa Application Requirements without Reference.

Malaysia Visa Application Reference Requirements:

Visa with reference simply means visas that are basically for those entering Malaysia for the sake of visiting either friends or relatives, for those who are coming in for employment reasons, for those coming into Malaysia as students, and for those who are fully working or dependents of Malaysian citizens.

Reference Visas are mostly approved by the Malaysian Immigration department.

Documents Required When Applying For A Visa With Reference

  1. 2 Photocopies of your International Passport
  2. 2 passport size photographs of the applicant applying
  3. Approval letter from any of the Immigration Department
  4. 2 Printed Photocopies of the visa application form (IMM.47)
  5. Evidence of a established round ticket together with some photocopies

Malaysia Visa Application Requirements Without Reference

This particular Malaysia Visa Application In Nigeria 2017 has to do with people travelling to Malaysia whose main objective is a social visit.

Documents Required When Applying For A Visa Without Reference

Below are documents required from you when applying for a visa without a reference:

  1. 2 passport sized photographs of the person applying
  2. Passport and two photocopies
  3. Invitation letter, if required
  4. 2 printed Copies of your visa application form (IMM.47)
  5. Evidence of established round ticket
  6. Statements of account
  7. Visa application fee is required

Please note that the duration for social visit maximum of 14 days and no extension is allowed.

Malaysia visa Application Procedure

Applicants for the Malaysia Visa Application In Nigeria 2017 can apply for a Malaysian visa at Malaysia High Commission, Maitama, Abuja.

Address: Number 4A, Plot 2232 B, Rio Negro Close, Off Yedseram Street, Maitama, Ekuku Cl, Abuja 00234.

The office would be open to applications from 8:30AM–4:30PM on Mondays to Fridays.

It is in your best interest to come prepared as applicants usually spend 45 minutes to 4 hours at the embassy.

Applicants for the Malaysia Visa Application In Nigeria 2017 are also reminded that application forms must be submitted personally and not through a visa agent.

Malaysia Visa Application In Nigeria 2017

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