1. Adenike Tiamiyu says:

    Please I have problem adding my account number into my profile. I haven’t been paid as well. I followed the steps like you said But I couldn’t see edit at d corner. There’s no way I can edit anything on my profile. I sent them a mail Which I haven’t been replied. The customer care line is switched off as well. I need your help. Please

    • Raphael says:

      Hello Adenike,

      If you don’t mind, you can send me a message on whatsapp: 07032710*** to see how we can go about it mutually.

      You might explore other options such as N-Power Facebook and Twitter pages, you can make your complaints there and get solutions.

  2. Onyenankeya Assumpta says:

    Please my name is onyenankeya Assumpta..i tried accessing my profile but it is not opening..i forgot my password and i saw reset..but nothing is coming up..and i tried chating with the jivot chat but no one is responding..i seriously need help..am just confused

  3. Oladebo Florence says:

    Hello am oladebo Florence am having login problem with my account and I don’t see the alert for December please I need your help

  4. TOBY Emmanuel says:

    please my name is Toby Emmanuel I did my
    verification and I was not told that I should upload my lnformation online an I have not been paid bcoz my account number was not uploaded. please what do I do. I need help thanks..

  5. Edijala Vivian says:

    my name is Edijala Vivian, from Udu LGA of Delta State. I was selected and have already start teaching but i have not been paid December. pls help me i cant even update my bank details. my phone number is 08051050564

  6. Anya Blessing says:

    Dear sir, please my profile account is locked by npower as a result I can not update my. Bank details like account name which must have cause me not to be paid. Please I need your help just unlock my profile. So I can complete my bank detail •. Thank you

  7. Okechukwu Amarachukwu Iruoma says:

    I am one of the shortlisted candidates in N teach . Please include me in your payment list for I have not been paid both December and January salary.My bank Details are ACCOUNT NAME: Okechukwu Amarachukwu Iruoma. BANK: Access bank . ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0693008008.BVN:22222317522.LGA:Gboko. STATE:Benue. EMAIL:okechukwuamara@ymail.com.

  8. AGBO Peace CHINENYE says:

    Good morning, is as regards to my account details, the account number is there with the BVN but my name is not included and my account is already blocked, what do I do.. I REP N-TEACH

  9. omorogbe Idahosa Godgift says:

    Hello my name is omorogbe Idahosa Godgift I have not been paid for December and January up till now. at Egor Local government .my account no. 3095093649. first bank. Thanks for your understanding

  10. ibrahim duroba says:

    hello..i am ibrahim Duroba i want to change my bvn ..becouse d one on my acc wit u is incorrect..i even sent u email but no one as responsd to me…
    pls tell me wat can i do to change my bvn
    thank u….

  11. Oladosu Ayokomi says:

    Welldone sir,i’m yet to received my december & january salary and have done verification since last year december 11th,even updating my account but the only problem is that my account name is not their

  12. Adamu Isah says:

    Please i have a problem i did get any alert and what about the devices that you give only one week and also we did not the verification

  13. Maryam mairiga says:

    My name is Maryam mairiga from ZAMFARA state,gusau LOC I didn’t receive Dec and Jan stipend,and my bank information are correct, please indicate my problem for me . thanks

  14. tajudeen says:

    my name is tajudeen have not receive alert frm December and January i don’t have problem in my account pls i need your heip

  15. james peter says:

    I’m James Peter:
    Bank name………fidelity
    Account name…..….James peter malami
    Account number……..6172546932.

  16. usman garba taura says:

    hello!my name is usman garba taura.i have been problems with the Npower firstly i did’nt recieved any allowance seen we started our program.secondly i tried to sign in my profile but all effort to do so is unsuccessiful.please i’m in need of your assistance.

  17. Sani rabiu says:

    Pls my name came out without surname that’s sani nil instead SANI RABIU and no Dec,jan and feb.respectively pls consider me. acct. no 3069875073 acct name;sani rabiu bvn 22231008686 maradun L.GOV. ZAMFARA STATE

  18. ohanaka mercy says:

    Good evening my name is mercy ohanaka. Pls i have not been paid december stipend. My account number was not correctly typed. I tired correcting it but it can not be educated pls what will i do

  19. kenneth okeke says:

    Pls l need help here l was paid december stipend but not paid january and when l open my account noticed that my bank acc name has been removed another day l also noticed that my state of origin and residential address have been removed too. I dont understand what that means .

  20. Ada Jessica Ogbanje says:

    please I’m Ogbanje Ada Jessica with serial no 8529 from Benue in Otukpo local government. my details are correct and I have not gotten any alert yet and I don’t know why.my details are.ACUNT name -Ogbanje Ada Jessica. Account no-3042941891.BVM-22331427835.

  21. Ayagwa Dennis Teryila says:

    Hi, sir there is a mistake on my surname (ayagya instaed of ayagwa). How can i edit this mistake?

  22. Ogunjimi sheriff taiwo says:

    my complain is that, i was one of the selected candidate for the npower programme and i’m yet to be paid for December salary. my act. name: Ogunjimi sheriff taiwo, act. number; 0227263095, Bvn: 22344516436, Bank name: wemma bank. thanks.

  23. Toye ibironke olushola says:

    Please I’ve updated my account and I’m yet to be paid from December to date. I sent mail to selection @npower.gov.ng but notting has come forth. Please what should I do again?

  24. Adeniran bukola david says:

    Good morning,i have not received my december stipend,my account no is 3027275413 with first bank. Please do me favour,thanks.

  25. Ogunremi,Luqman Adewale says:

    I am Ogunremi,Luqman Adewale,one of the N POWER beneficiary.I have not received any payment for the past three months.What can I do?

  26. Toye ibironke olushola says:

    Goodafternoon sir, please I’ve being trying to edit my bank account and bvn I have not been paid for december to February. I don’t have money to go to my PPA. Please help.

  27. Okachuku Augustine says:

    I am Okachuku Augustine with serial/ID number (1504/4598) on NPOWER released list of Npower Tech, I am posted to Emohua LGA in Rivers State, i have received December and January stipends but to my surprise this February i was not paid, reason i don’t no.
    My details are:-
    Bank:Skye bank
    Acct. Name: Okachuku Augustine

  28. Ogbu obiora says:

    I and my colleagues from enugu state have not been paid since last yr. December verification excersice.am ogbu obiora,s/n:1774, N health,bnk union bnk no:0041350806,NIN:70809577483.

  29. Oyinloye sunday kayode says:

    Good morning to u my name is oyinloye sunday kayode and npower volunteer from ogun state ewekoro local government.pls i made a mistake when uploading my bank information on my personal profile.i entered a wrong account number, please how can you help me i beg u i have tried to make correction of it but all effort is to no avail.here is my correct bank details. Bank name: GT Bank. Account name: Oyinloye sunday kayode. Account Number:0110716881. PLease assist me in correcting the mistake on my profile(0101716881)

  30. Ilevbare Sarah oluwaseun says:

    Good morning, please I have been having issues updating my bank account details on my profile ,I have not been paid, I have chatted with them on line but no response, I would appreciate if something can be done about it, thank you

  31. Sulaiman Adamu Abubakar says:

    I am Abubakar sulaiman npower n-teach from Gombe Gombe state my problem is my register name Sulaiman Adamu Abubakar the npower is realizen is Abubakar Sulaiman is remove Adamu my Bank Bvn and Acc.name is Sulaiman Adamu Abubakar i need help bcs i no see any thing since start work my phone no.07030120330

  32. Adamu Emmanuel Barde says:

    With a great complement over your efforts seeying this program comes to reality, i having been part of the beneficiaries am very grateful even though I had never receive my stipend from Dec. March. But i am still hoping that someday I will also smile like other’s do.

  33. chima dike kalu says:

    Sir i have been varified and posted to the place of my assignment but am yet to collect my monthly stipend. i find out that my Account Name was not included in the bank information details. the bank account name is Chima dike kalu. And the account number is 3821041329 Eco bank plc. Am under npower Agro. from Afikpo south L. G. A. in Ebonyi state.

  34. Oweh oluwafunke favour says:

    Pls sir, have been having problems logging into my account ,pls sir I think someone is trying to log in to my account
    Name:owen oluwafunke favour
    Indo west

  35. Olamiriki Olayiwola ifekunle says:

    sir,My Name is Olamiriki Olayiwola ifekunle I have not been paid February money because of BVN problem.and I once to link it to npower Ago portal the BVN is 22428930727,the Bank is EcoBank Account number is 4151039174.I am in ondo state Akure.Thank sir.

  36. Olamiriki Olayiwola ifekunle says:

    Goodmorning sir,please I have not being trying to edit my BVN to npower portal,I have not been paid for February ,have being paid December and January,I am in akure ondo state.Akure L.G. A .Olamiriki Olayiwola ifekunle BVN 22428930727.ecobank account 4151039174.that is d new BVN.this is the old BVN on my account 22403844771.date of birth problem,have being confirmed and retrieval in the bank’s this is the new BVN(22428930727).thanks phone is 07030174876.

  37. Michael Augustine says:

    Pls sir, ma, help me out i am of the beneficiary who have not be paid for the N power stipend duel to Name, my name is MICHAEL AUGUSTINE, the N-power name that came is Michael Odu Augustine please help me to remove Odu for me Odu is not in my credentials

  38. Iroh Joseph E. says:

    sir pls I want to ask, why is it that payment of beneficiaries stipend is not regular and collective in IMO state? I am IROH JOSEPH E. from OBOWO LGA, IMO state, I was verified and posted to Teach at Amuzu High School which I have resumed duty. But the problem is that I have not been paid again since after my December payment. pls sir I pray you to facilitate my pay my account No.: 2062011035 (UBA), account name: Iroh Ejike Joseph. thanks in anticipation, God bless.

  39. Ezeala Genevieve Kelechi says:

    I have not received any alert while many others have. Am not able to log in to check my profile, l was short listed. Lagos_Alomosho. What do l do?

  40. salami yinusa Ademola says:

    Please I need your response, I have not been pay since the December up till moment no single stipend, now can u use my Gtb account instead of that U.B.A that doesn’t match my profile, the details are;. Salami Ademola yinusa with account number 0122334880. The u.b.a account I used initially was not tally as a result the account was registered before going to university it carry Abdul salami yinusa Ademola instead salami yinusa Ademola:. With account number 2027311770 with Bvn number, I will be very happy if this issue treat and consider thanks npower salami yinusa Ademola: 08058151366


    Good day every one i am Ekpe Emmanuel Egbe, phone no 08039462486, from Abi LGA,
    Cross River State
    Email emmanuel.ekpe29@yahoo.com
    Npower Agro
    Non payment of January, February and March stipends
    This is the no 10th times am complaining but all to no avail, i ve not been attended to and and at the same time, u people ve decided not to pay me and for me also, i ve decided to stop going for work until something is being done to this regard thank, personal account detail ACCT no 3065770383 ACCT name EKPE EMMANUEL EGBE BVN 22351541252 bank name First Bank.month paid December.


    How do i keep going to my PPA when i ve not been paid january februar and march stipends pls can some one talk to me i ve actually stop going for work until something is being done to this effect thank.

  43. garba muhammad says:

    please sir i did not receive any stipped alert i have a problem in my bvn number here is the correct 22376388009 my accout name garba muhammad accout number 3100030160 my phone number 08109505488

  44. Pheejamilo William says:

    I am from Taraba state :Name Pheejamilo William, Phone number 08068795027, LGA: Karin Lamido, State of Residence, Taraba state E-mail, Pheejamilow@gmail.com, program applied for, Nteach. Nature of complaint:
    I have not been paid since I started the Npower work, I missed verication exercise. I met my focal person in my LGA who said I needed to be verified which he ask me to bring my documents which I did & ask me to write a complaint letter & I did but still I have not seen alert.
    I have even gone to cafe & updated my bank details yet nothing shows.please help me out if possible.

  45. Daramola Catherine banke says:

    my name is Daramola Catherine, I have intensified all efforts to ensure my salary is paid but to no avail, I have not collected any salary form npower, pls kindly help me out.

  46. Daramola Catherine Banke says:

    My name is Daramola Catherine pls help me out, I have not received any salary since last year December, after all efforts is intensified. these are my bank details.
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2085047893
    Phone number 07036154297

  47. Daramola Catherine Banke says:

    my name is Daramola Catherine, please kindly help me out. I have not received any salary since last year December.
    my bank details are as follows
    Bank name: first bank
    ACC number: 208047893

  48. Toluhi Helen Tope says:

    Non payment
    I have not Been paid since this program started and I have all of my details correct.
    Name; Toluhi Helen Tope
    Acc no; 3054487812
    Acc name; Toluhi Helen Tope
    Bank name; first bank
    Bvn; 22298093036
    Id no; 3193

  49. opeola oluwakemi victoria says:

    my name are opela oluwakemi victoria am a sucessful candidate of N Power in osun state,but only two name that is oluwakemi opeola was use for my appointment and am using three name instead of two in my account and l was not paid.my is would the two name is affect me instead of three name?please am waiting for your response.

  50. Ugwuanyi Rosemary Ada says:

    Ugwuanyi Rosemary Ada
    adarosemaryugwuanyi@gmail. com
    acc.name Ugwuanyi Rosemary Ada
    bank name. first bank
    BVN NO 22218916079
    state Enugu state
    Resident Nuskka
    LGA Nuskka
    I UGWUANYI ROSEMARY ADA Npower volunteer (N Teach with code 5543 number) here by forward my application to you in order to correct my name which was mistakenly written as Felix Rosemary Ada. all my supportive documents are hereby attached to the letter for clarification.
    However, due to the above stated problems, I have not received any salary since the commencement of payment since December. please Sir/Ma help me to correct my problems.
    I promised to spare no pains in discharging my duties to the best of my abilities.
    I shall look forward to hear from you soon.


    Hello,i have been called by npower agent for the correction of my BVN but yet to receive alert from my bank Ecobank.I will be grateful if my complaint is considered.

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